Tailored Policies with Consultation

Purchase any of our tailored policies, which are accompanied by 1:1 consultancy service from one of our Directors/HR Experts to ensure the policy is tailored to your organisation.   An example of some of the tailored policies we can work with you on include the below:

  • Covid-19 Policy and Procedures:
    • Notification of symptoms/confirmation of virus
    • Return to Work Post Covid-19
    • Social Distancing Policy
    • Correct Use of PPE Equipment
  • Annual Leave Policy
  • Absence Procedure & Sick Leave policy
  • Bereavement/Compassionate Leave Policy
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy
  • Smoking Policy 
  • Personal Property Policy
  • Internet, Email and Company Phone Policy/Social Media Policy
  • Company Property Policy
  • Data Protection and GDPR Policy
  • Exit Interviews
  • Retirement policy 
  • Protected Disclosures
  • Dress Code Policy