Talent Attraction and Retention Suite

By purchasing this suite you will receive full access to the below documentation as well as eight hours of consultancy service from one of our Directors/HR experts to fully implement your new talent attraction and retention plan.


  • Talent Attraction and Retention 360 Diagnostic – Our in-house designed 360 degree diagnostic tool provides valuable insights into the talent attraction and retention processes currently in place within your organisation. Attend a face to face or virtual 1:1 follow up session to analyse your results and utilise these insights to improve your Employer Value Proposition and realign your talent attraction and retention processes to today’s business climate.
  • Employer Value Proposition Review – Work with our Talent experts to evaluate your current Employer Value Proposition. Combining the results from your talent diagnostic and bespoke employee engagement survey are used to  provide valuable insights on how to perfect your EVP and define what you offer to employees in terms of Compensation, Benefits, Career, Work Environment and Culture.
  • Employee Engagement Survey  – Our Talent experts will work with you to design the perfect employee engagement survey to yield the most valuable information for you to utilise in the improvement of our talent attraction and retention processes.