Training Suite

Choose from one or more of our CPD accredited training programmes which can be tailored to suit your organisations individual needs.  This can be delivered in person or remotely depending on the organisations needs.

  • Effective Communication Skills – Covers topics such as: What is “effective communication’’ we look at some of the impacts of poor communication and practical tips for effective listening.
  • Interviewing Skills for Managers – Covers topics such as: Preparing for interview, identifying the right candidate, effective interview questions, and providing feedback
  • Interview Skills for Candidates – Covers topics such as: Psychometric testing, competency interview preparation and practical tips to ensure you are putting your best foot forward at interview.
  • Effective Performance Management – Managing performance is often seen as a ‘tick box exercise’ this session will give you the skills to hold meaningful performance discussions, you will learn how to give effective feedback and how to set goals within your team which are realistic, achievable and going to motivate your team.
  • Dignity at Work – All employees have the right to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace, free from any behaviours that constitute bullying, harassment and/or sexual harassment.  This session provides your team with the understanding and skills to deal with any such behaviours and ensure they contribute to a work environment which support dignity and respect.
  • Proactive Leadership – Practical tips to show you the benefits of proactive leadership, engaging with your team and having the right conversations early on to prevent problems before they occur. 
  • Motivating & Engaging Your Team – This session covers practical tips on engaging and motivating your team.  Understand the different working styles within your team and how you can adapt your style to motivate and engage individuals.