Life Ends at 40.

Relax. It’s ok. It doesn’t really. And that wasn’t click bait. If you know how to live life at 40 you have probably have practised pretty hard. Just keeping doing that. What does end at 40 is the opportunity to meet anyone new. At 40 you have met every type of human – there are no more surprises. The world has become a much smaller place as globalisation and Twitter become the Roman Empires of old. Like all Empires though, this too will come to impasse.

There is a sadness however about the fact although you will meet people who you will find charming, interesting, hilarious, tantalising and horrendous they are all going to be just slightly exaggerated versions of everyone else you have met to date – if you have lived any sort of a life that’s involved meeting people across a range of environments and scenarios. If you haven’t – and you have been the kind of human that takes a clipboard out on a Saturday night well 50 is the new 40… have some ambition.

At 40 you have the ability to survey. The ability to analyse the last 4 decades at a time in history where no generation will have had had such a crossroads in terms of technology and relationship. You have met the most angry, bullying, damaged and ridiculous people you are ever likely to meet. More importantly if you meet worse in the future you will know what to do – run. You have also met every type of online Troll – the community who think its ‘grand’ and a ‘freedom’ to generate and deliver the most vile and cowardly statements against friend, foe and innocent.

Equally you have meet the best of humanity. Family, friends, colleagues, mentors, hero’s. There is a sadness though about the fact it’s unlikely you will meet anyone better than you have met before. What is critical after 4 decades on the planet – the ones you have met; value, cherish and protect the relationships; in the unlikely event you meet new ones give them unwavering and focused friendship.

If none of the above resonates. Try harder.

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