Connexus and Connected Talent bring a range of joint experience to the table with some 45 years of combined recruitment and talent expertise across their constituent teams. In addition the joint venture team realised that the challenges of both identifying, developing and delivering ‘back to work’ and public sector staff development programmes suffered form very similar issues and problems across the island. Clearly an all island response and solution was required. With four core office locations in Belfast, Galway, Derry, and Dublin the focus is on building an accessible, exemplar and enviable range of flagship clients across the Island.

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Conscia Service Portfolio

“recruit better”

The joint venture team have established an all island enhanced range of products and services which better service the public and third sector community.

Our range of services aimed towards your team

1. Organisation Diagnostics & Assessment

The Conscia Team will conduct a 360-onsite analysis of the all aspects of your organisation examining talent attraction and management, staff performance and motivation, employee engagement, retention approaches and general workplace ‘happiness’ and culture. You will receive a full report and tailored actions across every aspect of organisational health.

2. Strategy, Processing & Best Practice

Our MBA standard and applied content supports participants to understand and deploy real and practical tools to develop more effective resourcing and talent strategies. Content also focuses on cutting edge recruitment processes and best practice which reduce time to hire, improve candidate engagement and management and build capability within internal recruitment teams and hiring managers.

3. Employer Branding

All organisations, consciously or otherwise, have an employer brand. Consica works with organisations to differentiate themselves in the local and global Talent market, enabling them to attract, interact, hire and retain the right people. A strong employer brand will support any business who wishes to compete for the best talent and establish credibility. The Conscia approach will ensure an organisations employer Brand connects with an organisation’s values and run consistently through its approach to people management.

4. Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is an integral part of the recruiting process that can impact how effectively a company is able to recruit quality candidates, the popularity of their employer brand, the strength and quality of their referrals and can even impact the company’s bottom line. The Conscia team combine their Recruitment Diagnostic Tools and coupled with a detailed understand of the primary causes of bad candidate experience, work with organisations to review existing process and support the execution of a strategy to enhance both the candidate experience, their employer brand and ultimately the quality of hire.

5. Essential Interviewing Skills

Essential Interviewing Skills will help you gain the specialist knowledge and practical skills to prepare for (and undertake) different types of interviews. The interactive role-plays and group discussions will help you use sound interviewing techniques to gather accurate information from any interview. The key focus of this course is on recruitment interviews however the course extends to cover disciplinary interviewing as well as touching on exit interviews, getting the best out of appraisal meetings and support-type discussions with employees.

6. Critical conversations

The root cause of many (if not most) human problems lies in how people behave when others disagree with them. The Conscia team suggest that dramatic improvements in organisational performance is possible if employees learned the skills routinely practiced by those who have found a way to master these high stakes, “crucial” moments. This course is particularly beneficial to those organisations experiencing flux or change.

7. Preparing for Change

Conscia works with both individuals and teams in the first instance to help them come to terms with change and how to understand that this is a common organisational requirement and direction. The team then work across a ‘change ladder’ analysis programme that equips each individual with an ability to manage his or her personal and professional change as part of a larger scale organisational process.

8. Outplacement

Preparing teams for redundancy or significant change management events requires a tactful and sensitive manner. The Conscia Team can help design and/or deliver programs that ensure affected staff are ready and equipped for the change. The team begin with both organisational and individual talent diagnostics mapping out current capability, individual aspirations and weaknesses and the build a programme of support and education to maximise the employability of all those effected by the change. Organisations can rest assured they have made every effort to support employees through what can be a difficult and disconcerting process.

Effective Selling

Improve your teams performance

1. How to ‘Sell’ your Company – Sales & Business Growth

Following the principle of an ‘Elevator Pitch,’ the aim of the training modules is to support organisations and their employees to articulate their own unique selling points in a clear and concise way; giving their current and future customers clear reasons to buy…and buy more. The techniques used will be applicable for all written and verbal communications and the Course content will assist attendees communication skills via providing absolute clarity as their own and their organisations specific value proposition. The methodology drives a high level of interactive between participants and will involve making presentations to the ‘group.’

2. Addressing Underperformance

The Conscia team focus on both identifying the non-performance challenges and issues at both team and individual levels as well as providing teams with new toolkits and personal behaviours which positively impact on performance outcomes. The programme also provides managers and leaders with a range of tools to help them identify underperformance at an earlier stage with actions more immediate and outcomes vastly enhanced

Our range of services aimed towards you

1. Career Diagnostics & Planning

The Conscia team work with Groups and Individuals at all stages in a career lifecycle to support the management of a career. Our bespoke four step process is designed with the individual at mind however the core principles are applicable and can be implemented irrespective of age, gender, seniority or otherwise. Our approach can best be summarised as diagnosing current challenges, prescribing a solutions and supporting the individual execute their individual Career plan

2. CV Social Media Professional Profiling (LinkedIn & Facebook)

The Conscia team provide participants with a fool-proof guide on developing more effective, career focused and higher impact social media profile across both Linkedin, Facebook and other social media platforms. Participants will be exposed to a range of do’s and don’ts, best practice examples and templates, and direct assistance with creating the perfect professional profile.

3. Psychometric Testing & Assessment – Preparation & Performance

Psychometric Testing forms part of the recruitment and selection process for the vast majority of major employers globally; be it Public or Private sector. Conscia conduct bespoke training modules in either an individual or Group basis and support both the preparation for and performance in a Psychometric Assessment process as follows:

  • The psychometric test – definition and context
  • How and what to prepare
  • The actual test to focus on Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Situational Judgement
  • Sample Questions – pitfalls and learnings

4. Competency Based Interviews – Preparation and performance

Competency based interviews are an integral part of organisations recruitment process; be it Public or Private sector. Conscia conduct bespoke training modules in either an individual or Group basis and support both the preparation for and performance in a Competency based interview process as follows:

  • Clarification on the specific competencies by role and definition around the same
  • How to select the right competency story
  • Framing your response using the ‘C.A.R’ technique of;
    • Context: Describe the situation and the task you were faced with, when, where, with whom?
    • Action: How? What action did YOU take? Sometimes people focus on what the group did without mentioning their individual contribution.
  • Result: What results did you achieve/conclusions did you reach/what did you learn from the experience?
  • Articulation of response. The selling of you – how to be succinct and highly persuasive at interview.

5. Presentation and Pitching

The Conscia Team can offer intensive individual, and more general team workshops on improving your presentation and pitching ability. This involves identifying barriers around the psychology of effective presenting to creating more engaging content and impact. Participants will be more competent, confident and comfortable at the end of the programme.

6. The Selling of ‘YOU’ – How to Perform at Interview

Following the principle of an ‘Elevator Pitch,’ the aim of the training modules is to support attendees in maximising their face to face interview performance. However, the techniques used will also be applicable for all competency interview planning, both written and verbal. The aim will be to also assist attendees communication skills via providing absolute clarity as their own specific value proposition. The methodology drives a high level of interactive between participants and will involve making presentations to the ‘group.’

7. Becoming a Leader

The Conscia Leadership Academy supports aspiring middle and senior managers to develop a Facilitative Leadership style that embraces the levels of emotional intelligence required to reach the top of their respective profession. The Leadership Academy development approach is based on over two decades’ of cumulative track record in supporting, understanding and mapping essential leadership behaviours and competence. The programme is available on both an individual and team basis with the ability to work with aspiring leaders from other sectors and backgrounds ensuring a diversity of peer experience and learning.